Queen of the SouthRecur. - Co-Star - Kingmaker 1USA Network

The Resident

Co-Star - Kevin Finnerman, CEOTwentieth Century Fox TV
Murder DecodedCo-Star - Det. John  TefftJupiter Entertainment
Music & MurderRecurring - Cameron James - Atty
Fatal AttractionCo-Star - Det. Bob KenneyJupiter Entertainment
Enquiring Minds - Chandra Levy SpecialCo-Star - Robert LevyJupiter Entertainment
Swamp MurdersCo-Star - David McCartneyID/Crazy Legs Productions


Love on the RiseSupporting - JJ AdamsMarVista Entertainment
Cherry - A Short FilmLead - PapaUnder the Couch Entertainment, LLC
All That MattersSupporting - Mr. FroudBottom of the Net Filmworks, LLC


Lead - Nathan HallExpected End Entertainment - Amazon Prime
ANGELSupporting - JohnCondor Digital, LLC

The Other Man

Lead - John ("THE" Other Man)

Expected End Entertainment/

Bridgett Ladd Productions

Tomorrow Never KnowsLead - Mr. HightowerTomorrow Never Knows
The Staying KindCo-Lead - PaulTub-O-Popcorn Productions
A Baby For Christmas (MOW) 
Supporting - Dr. Wally 
Swirl Productions/Up TV
Neighbors, Friends or FamilyCo-Lead - FrankColbridges Productions
"F"Co-Lead - Chuck LindseyROBENITCH Films
Sea OdysseyLead - Howard WarnerAdam Nelson
Crimes & Mr. MeanorsLead - Prof. Alfred MeanorsCreekside Prods./Jason Prisk
No Turning BackSupporting - Jim WilbornSphinx Philms
Doctor ImpostorSupporting - Dr. WeinbergSphinx Philms


The North Pole SpeaksLead - Craig WaarheidTrailblazer/CSX Railway
The Claus ConspiracyLead - Craig WaarheidTrailblazer/CSX Railway

Stage Productions

August: Osage CountyCharlie AikenRobert Mello Studios
CamelotKing ArthurDorsey Studios for Acting
StopKissDetective Cole

Robert Mello Studios

Warrior ClassNathan BerkshireRobert Mello Studios


Sandra DorseyStrasberg MethodDorsey Studios for Acting
Don SlatonCommercial Television ActingWeist-Barron School
Robert MelloMeisner TechniqueRobert Mello Studio
Tony MorinaActing Is BeingEric Morris Workshop
Ted BrunettiStudio SouthLovett School
Christinna ChaunceyOn-Camera TechniqueChez Studios
Monica PayneMaster Class - ViewpointsRobert Mello Studio
Crystal CarsonAuditioning By Heart & Top 10 Things...Auditioning By Heart
Ian CovellImprov for ActorsHighwire Comedy
Sherrie PetersonPractical AestheticsRobert Mello Studio
Jeffrey UmbergerVO TechniqueYourAct & Catapult
Cynthia BarrettDiction